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i just want to fuckin kiss you but i fuckin can’t because ur not fuckin here


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either i

  • dont have enough followers to get hate

or i

  • am perfect and therefore yall dont have anything to complain about

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Fun Fact: I am VERY bad a hydrating myself. If I ever die unexpectedly it’s probably because I just forgot to drink water for a week. 

Hail hydration

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If I had a flat tummy I would live in crop tops

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Words of Emotion


do you think doctors guess in their heads about which patients they think are sexually active before they ask?

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I want to fall in love. I want to experience giving my all to someone. I want the late night talks and the sleepless days. I want to cuddle and watch movies. I want to share stupid jokes and random thoughts. I want to be able to sit in silence and know that everything is ok. I want to know that no matter what time of day it is I can always call you just because I want to hear your voice. Basically, I want you.

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